Tap-Me Tag Badge Connect Share ID Anything! NFC NTAG203

Tap-Me Tag Badge Connect Share ID Anything! NFC NTAG203

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tap-Me Tags Connect Share ID Anything!

Welcome to tap-metag.com www.tap-metag.com

Tap-Me Tags can be used for a multitude of purposes. You can write messages on them, store your contact details on them or add a shortcut to your website. They can be read, written and rewritten to using any NFC enabled phone e.g. if you put a Tap-Me Tag on your phone(any phone) or business card, wallet etc. it allows someone with an NFC phone to then tap the Tap-Me Tag and automatically add your contact details to their phone.

Alternatively if you place a Tap-Me Tag on items you might lose such as phone, keys, a precious toy, a bag , jacket etc they can be read with any NFC phone and the Tap-Me Tag can display a message, speak a message, send a text to your phone, open a web page etc. 

Very useful items! 

Tap-Me Tags are 25 mm in size and are self adhesive. They are not washable and do not work on metal surfaces due to the circuitry inside them, but work on all other surfaces.

Please take a look at the videos to see how well they work and how simple it is to read them with an NFC enabled phone. Nearly all new Android, Blackberry and Windows smart phones are NFC enabled. Simply buy your Tap-Me Tag items below download any free NFC app for Android and you are good to go.